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Resource Page


This page will link you up to sites that provide information on building web sites,
and how to add greater functionality to your pages.

Web Style Guide - All kinds of information and help in designing a web site.
Adobe Acrobat - All about Acrobat, Adobe's Web site.
Macromedia - This will take you to the "Showcase" page, check the design/layout on this one.
Dynamic Drive - DHTML scripts for the real world, there is a lot to work with here.
Beginners Guide to DHTML - More on DHTML, this one is in a lessons format, at your own pace. - This page will help you with color safe - hex colors, there's more info. pages .
Jars - What ever you need in help for scripting, programming, designing.
PlanetPhotoShop - A Photoshop site for the pros, news, conferences, etc.
cbtcafe - Tutorial city, opening page is for Dreamweaver, but there are many more tutorials.
Web Design at - Tip and tricks for Dreamweaver, of course there is more.
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