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I found Royo illustrations a few years back when looking around for fantasy art, an interest in art work dealing with mythalogical beings. Royo's illustrations deal with women that are beautiful yet dangerous, an angel-warrior combination.

You cannot purchase any of this art work from this site.

Because this is a class project being created on school property, I can only catalog PG-13 versions of his illustrations, this means only a small portion of his works are available on this site. To view more of Luis Royo, visit the links page or click on the Royo image above, or just click here. Otherwise, when visiting other Royo sites, there should be some information about him.

You will find two gallleries of Royo's work, and an extensive biography page about him. There is a comment form for you to use if you wish, as well as e-mail. Then there are the links and resources pages for you to use. You will find other artists/illustrators on my links page such as Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell, Michael Whelan, Ruth Thompson, and lets not forget an original, Maxfield Parrish. The resources page is for those who wish to find out more obout building web sites. From simple HTML coding to more specialized applications, and of course Dreamweaver information. This site was built using Dreamweaver MX.

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